Home education Childcare

My aim is to support parents and their home educated children to provide their children with

the best childcare services for each of them, as individuals.

Education is compulsory, school is not. I do respect the choice of parents to home educate their children which requiring significant commitment in terms of time.

We all have a working commitments and are times where you might need help with your child

to provide suitable childcare for example if you need to work or study.


Education for home educating families which do not have to work to set hours, set days or any specific periods. Home education takes many forms and can range from a highly structured approach, using the National Curriculum, to 'usnchooling', or a mixture of methods. The parents are fully and legally responsible for providing a home education and childminder cannot take any responsibility in the educating or tutoring your children.

Childminder can support your children with providing educational activities, projects, educational trips or oversees their work. However, the childminder cannot force a child to do a formal work which might be provided by parents if child does not wish to cooperate.

Childminder provides an educational activities and encouragement to children.

One of the most important aspects of home education is that it allows the child to be treated as an individual, rather than a class member and to learn in a style best suited to them

and it is what I can help you with.

Feel free to contact me and speak about your individual requirements for your child.