I aim to provide a home from home environment with a good routine. I have an annual and a weekly plan which covers daily routines, celebrations and monthly topics although activities will always be based around the current needs and interests of the children. I have a very wide range of resources to ensure there is always something going on. 


I encourage a lot of child-led play as that is how children learn best but I also offer adult-led activities

daily all dependent on the children's own interests.  


Typical activities may be:

Construction Toys, Lego, Puzzles and Jigsaws

Building Blocks

Role-play - this includes a variety of dressing up clothes

Kitchen/Play Food etc.

Art & Craft Materials


Chalk & Paper Board

Cooking & Baking

Audio and Visual (CD's, Videos etc.)

Singing music & Dance

Rhymes Time

Books and Games

Parks, Library and other outings


Sanpit, Slide

Messy Play

Other Outdoor Activities

and lots more!!!


A typical day looks like this: 


7.30am-8.30am -  Welcome Children & Free Play

Welcome children in my setting.

8.30am-9.30am - Indoor & Outdoor Activities, Free Play

Children have access to a range of equipment and activities designed to encourage learning and development in all seven areas.

I also cover days of the week, letter sounds, colouring and painting, topics of interest or learning about weather.


9.30am-10.00am - Morning Snack Time

A selection of food is available. 

10.00am-12.00pm - Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Time to spent outdoors or an adult-led activity. Children are encouraged to free flow between the various activities available,

choosing those they like or to try something new. Creative learning is in the place.

12.00pm-12.45pm - Lunchtime

Lunch is always a freshly cooked main meal. All children are encouraged to feed themselves, although there is always a hand when needed.

The babies have the same food which is blended down or baby milk provided by parent's.

12.45pm-14.30pm - Bedtime Story, Sleep & Quiet Time

 Children have available a baby cot, sleep mats & bunk bed. Older children who no longer need a sleep now have a chance to share their thoughts. 

14.30pm-15.30pm - Group Time, Craft Activity or Baking

Children sit with childminder to take part in activities designed around their individual needs and children are encouraged to work together.

15.30pm-16.00pm - Afternoon Snack Time & Tea Time

A selection of food is available.

16.00pm-17.00pm - Free Play & Indoor Activity

After tea time I encourage children to relax and quietly play, preparing them for going home and bedtime.

17.00pm-18.00pm - Children Depart & Home Time 

You can be sure that children have had a busy and exciting time with me.

Monthly themes:

 * Winter – Alphabet *
* Weather – Valentine’s Day *
 * Spring & Pets – St. Patrick’s Day *
* Easter – Fruit & Vegetable *
* Plants – Sport *
* My Country – ZOO & Animals *
* Summer – Transportation & Road Safety *
* Farm – Food *
* My Body – Our World *
* Space & Science – Halloween *
* Numbers & Shapes – Colours *
* Christmas - Traditions Around The World *