Childminding by Little Rascal actively encourage parental involment if you have any skills that you would like to share with the children please feel free to discuss this with me. I welcome all types of skill sharing from any area - from dance, story telling, gardening and so much more! I also welcome parent volunteers who would like to join us on our outings, please do let me know if you can.

It is important for your child that we work in partnership, to be able to give your child continuity of care and to reduce any confusion with different standards of boundaries and behaviour. I do organise settling in sessions for the parents and child. This will give you the opportunity to provide me with lots of information about your child, what they like and dislike, their routines, favourite activities and how they like to be comforted when upset. It helps me build up a relationship with you and to understand both you and your child’s needs or wishes.

I will work with you to make your child feel happy and relaxed in my home during this transition period.

If you feel you want to call me during the day then please do not panic if I do not answer or I am unable to speak for long as I could be attending to changing a nappy or feeding a child. If you have any concerns about your child’s behaviour, development, eating etc. I will discuss them with you and if necessary work with you to seek support from third party.

Could you please drop off or arrive at the contracted times to collect your child as children do learn the routine and know when their home time is due, so as not to distress your child if you are late. Please ring in advance to allow me to reassure your child that you are on your way, and if need be organise additional activities to occupy your child.


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