Our Policies & Procedures

I have developed these policies and procedures, which are designed to help protect both ourselves & the children in our care. These are in place to ensure that all parties are fully aware of our standards, to prevent misunderstandings & create a good positive working relationship with parents. Listed below are our current policies.


New parents are free to view these at the initial visit and will subsequently be provided with copies upon signing of contracts. Parents will also be requested to sign to say that they have read, understood and agree them.

Admissions Policy

Complaints Procedure

Settling In Policy

Child Protection Policy

Dropping Off & Collections Policy

Uncollected Child Policy

Illness Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Fees Policy & Rates

Free Childcare Funding for 2, 3 & 4 year olds

Temporary, Occasional & Emergency Childcare Policy

Medicine Policy

Medical Emergencies Policy

Head Lice Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Behaviour Policy

Accident & Incident Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Hygiene Policy

House Rules Policy

Outings Policy

Physical Contact Policy

Special Needs Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Nappy & Toilet Training Policy

Bullying Policy

Creche Policy

Lost Child Policy

Alcohol & Drugs Policy

No Smoking Policy

Care, Learning & Play Policy

Sandpit Policy

Television Policy

Clothing Policy

Extreme Weather Policy

Pet Policy

Mobile Phones and Camera Policy

Public Transport Policy